Vision & Mission


To be recognised as the leader in the provision and promotion of mental health services in Zimbabwe.


To provide, administer, coordinate, promote and advocate for the provision of quality mental health services and care for Zimbabweans.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Facilitating and advancing high quality and compassionate service/care for people suffering from mental illness.
  • Championing campaigns to increase awareness on mental health issues
  • Developing a service that is comprehensive and responsive to people`s need, aspirations and sensitive to resource availability.
  • Encouraging community participation and community care in the care of the mentally ill
  • Committment to value people with mental illness as full citizens
  • Endeavouring to develop to the full, individual patients` potential through innovative involvement in appropriate patient centred Occupational Therapy activities.
  • Training as many pyschiatric nurse practitioners as possible for the nations needs.