History of DMHE


–           Hospital established in 1908

–           Then it was an Asylum, a hospital of the insane.

–           A hospital of refugees of black origin only.

–           Whites were temporarily assisted and letter sent to South Africa after being attributed to lunacy.

The Training School

Established in 1970

–           First group started in 02.02.1970

–           Initially it offered a post basic program in psychiatry nursing leading to a diploma.

–           The program was of 18 months duration.

–           Each group comprised an average of six students.

Ten years later

–           In 1980 (01.09.80) another program for Medical Assistants was introduced.

–           Duration of training was 12 months leading to a certificate.

–           An average of 6 students were recruited per group.

The Faculty

–           The first tutor to run the training program was Mr Kuratle who was hailing from Germany.

–           Used to be assisted by Experienced Ward Sisters